Setting Up Your Xbox One

Before you can start recording videos on your Xbox One, you’ll need to make sure that your system is set up properly. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

First, you’ll need to connect your Xbox One to your TV or monitor. If you’re using an HDMI cable, simply plug it into the HDMI IN port on the back of your Xbox One. If you’re using a composite AV cable, you’ll need to connect it to the AV port on the back of your Xbox One and then plug the other end into the appropriate input on your TV or monitor.

Once you have your Xbox One connected to your TV or monitor, power on both devices. On your TV or monitor, switch to the correct input for your Xbox One. On your Xbox One, open the Settings menu and select “TV & OneGuide.” Select “HDMI-Out” and choose the display resolution that you want to use.

Next, you’ll need to set up audio output from your Xbox One. Go back to the Settings menu and select “Display & sound.” Under “Audio output,” select “Headset format” and choose the audio format that you want to use.

Now that your Xbox One is properly connected and configured, you’re ready to start recording videos! To do so, open the Guide menu and go to the “Captures” tab. Select “Record from now” or “Record last 30 seconds” to begin recording. To stop recording, open the Guide menu again and select “Stop recording.” Your video will be saved automatically in the “Captures” folder in My Games & Apps.

What You Need

To record video on your Xbox One, you’ll need:

-An Xbox One console with an HDMI cable connected to your TV.

-The included Kinect sensor, or a separately sold Kinect sensor for Xbox One, if you want to record video using voice commands.

-A Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one when you set up your Xbox One console.

-An Internet connection to download the latest system update for your console. To record video in 4K Ultra HD or HDR, you’ll also need an Internet connection with a download speed of at least 25 Mbps.

How to record videos on xbox one

The Xbox One has a built-in feature that lets you record your gameplay footage, and it’s pretty easy to do. In this article, we’ll show you how to record videos on Xbox One.

Open the Game DVR app

To begin recording video on your Xbox One, you’ll need to open the Game DVR app. This app is available directly from the Xbox One dashboard.

Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll need to select the “Record from now” option. This will start recording video from this point forward, so make sure you’re ready to start recording before selecting this option.

You can also begin recording video by saying “Xbox, record that” into your Kinect microphone. This will start recording video from this point forward, so make sure you’re ready to start recording before giving this command.

Once you’ve started recording, you can stop at any time by pressing the X button on your controller. Your video will be saved in the Game DVR app for later viewing.

Configure your settings

To configure your settings for video recording on Xbox One, open the Guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller, then go to Settings > Preferences > Broadcasting & capture. Under Record in the background while I’m playing a game, select Record video and audio or Record video only.

Start recording

To start recording, double-tap the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide, then go to Capture & share > Start Recording. The recording will start automatically. You can also say “Hey Cortana, start a recording” if your console is connected to a Kinect sensor or has Cortana enabled.

Tips and Tricks

You’ve got your new Xbox One, and you’re ready to start gaming. But before you jump into the action, there are a few things you need to do first to get the most out of your experience. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Xbox One and ensuring that it is ready for gaming.

Before you begin, make sure that you have everything you need:

-An HDTV with an HDMI input

-An Xbox One power supply

-An Internet connection (wired or wireless)

-An Xbox One controller

Once you have everything you need, follow these steps to get started:

1. Plug the power supply into the back of your Xbox One console.

2. Connect the HDMI cable from your Xbox One console to your TV.

3. Turn on your TV and then your Xbox One console.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

5. Once your Xbox One is set up, you can begin playing games!

If you want to start recording gameplay videos, here’s how:

1. Press the “Xbox” button on your controller to open the guide.

2. Navigate to “Settings” > “ Preferences ” > “ Broadcast & capture .”

3. Select “Record game clips and broadcast using Kinect ” or “ Record game clips only .”

That’s it! Now when you press the record button during gameplay, your videos will be saved automatically for you to watch or share later.


Now that you know how to record videos on Xbox One, you can start capturing all your gaming moments. Just remember to keep an eye on your storage space, as video files can quickly fill up your hard drive. And if you’re looking to share your clips with the world, don’t forget to upload them to YouTube or another online video platform.